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Things not to do while trekking in Nepal

  • 25-May-2016
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Trekking around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas offers enjoyable adventures with lots of things to do. You will get an opportunity to witness absolutely beautiful natural highlights comprising from excellent views of snow-capped mountains in the high Himalayas to wilderness activities at fertile jungles of Chitwan, Bardia, and others. Get deep insights into diversified local cultures, traditions, and lifestyles with plenty of exploration opportunities.

Likewise, in the meantime, there are a couple of things that you should not do or stay away from while trekking in Nepal. To make things, even more, clearer, here are a couple of things that you might want to avoid:

1. Never Trek alone:

Trekking alone without hiring a local guide is not only a risky thing but also against Nepal government policy if you are looking forward to trek at restricted areas like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, etc. Trekking alone also increases the risks of getting lost along with risks of suffering from altitude sickness.

never trek alone in ne...

So, it's always a better option to embark on trekking in Nepal with government authorized well-experienced trekking company that takes care of you and ensures you will have a worthwhile holiday in Nepal.

2. Avoid walking on edge of trekking routes:

yaks at Himalayas

Always be careful while making your way through trekking trails, ascending and descending through narrow, steep routes. Especially stay on the safer side and don’t walk on edge as you might fall or get hit by animals passing by. Also avoid taking selfies at risky sites like the edge of a mountain, top of rocks, etc.

So, whenever you see Yaks, or other animals passing by, let it go through and continue your journey.

3. Avoid natural water for drinking purposes:

Drinking water from the local resource is risky. You might see locals drinking the same, but you have to avoid it and stay on the safe side.  Non purified water may be contaminated and it may cause illness with waterborne diseases which you absolutely do not want to get affected by.

drinking water board while trekking route

So, always drink purified water. Or purify yourself before drinking with chlorine tabs or other UV methods whichever you find applicable. Ask for safe drinking water from a nearby hotel or restaurant. You can also buy mineral water at the local store but make sure you dump the water bottle after using it.

4. Clicking photographs where it is not allowed:

Click Click! “Wait! you are not allowed to click photographs here!”. Yes, you will encounter the same warning if you simply keep on clicking pictures without noticing a warning sign, or a board with ‘no photo please’.  So, always before clicking pictures, look around for such signs or ask your trekking guide or locals. Mostly it is not allowed to click pictures inside Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples.

no photo

Therefore, avoid these simple four things while trekking and make your holiday in Nepal a delightful adventure without any fuss.

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