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Frequently Asked Questions About Nepal

  • 01-Oct-2020
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Nepal, the ultimate terminus for the people worldwide. Chiliads of the tourists visit this exotic destination each year. Tourists who want to visit this nation for the first time rise series of pre-departure queries and qualms.

This article has tried to respond to some of the frequently asked questions which may guide you while visiting this endless destination.

Where is Nepal located?

A small, independent, landlocked, Federal Democratic Republic nation, Nepal lies in South Asia between two large nations; India and China. It covers 147,516 km2 area to make the nation. It borders China in the northern part and the rest of the parts are bordered with India.

As it is a multilingual country, 129 languages are spoken conforming to Nepali as the official language. More than 120 ethnic groups living harmoniously following their traditions, cultures, festivals, and religions.

This is the nation where Lord Buddha-the light of Asia was born. Mt. Everest-the highest point of the world is another glory of the nation. Likewise, 8 of the 14 tallest peaks worldwide situate in Nepal.

It is geographically divided into three regions as Terai, Hills, and Himalaya. As its average width is only 193km, all the regions are remaining in a decorative way where you get their features. The northernmost part is covered with snowcapped peaks. In the hills, there are several mountains and green forests. The southernmost part is plain and is the Storehouse of grains of Nepal.

How can I get a Visa to visit Nepal?

This is one of the most frequent questions I have ever faced. As everyone expects Indians must have a visa to visit Nepal. Most of the visitors get an on-arrival visa while entering in Airport and other major entry points.

To get such a visa, you need to perform a copy of the passport having validity for at least 6 months, two passport-sized photos, and a certain amount in USD. The cost details for the visa are listed.

US$25 for 15 days

US$40 for 30 days

US$100 for 90 days

Note: As all sorts of visas you get in Nepal are multiple entry visas, you can get reentry even after visiting other countries like Bhutan, India, and Tibet. 

Why Visit Nepal

Nepal being a small country offers various to do in. There are numerous reasons to prove which justify why a foreigner should visit it. 

Initially, the geography of Nepal is extremely diverse. It has been extended from 200m/656 ft above the seal level, elevating up to 8,848m/29,028 ft from the sea level. Travelers can experience a vast difference in temperature within a single day. Diverse landscapes, lush greeneries, magnificent terraces attract guests time and again here.   

King-size mountains in the northern countries other core attractions of Nepal. Tourists come here to trek in the lap of the giant peaks, to climb the summits, and more. It authorizes 8 of the 24 tallest peaks in the world. Moreover, it occupies 1310 peaks above 6000m where 328 peaks are already opened for climbing. Each year, this country receives thousands of trekkers and expeditioners due to these colossal peaks.  

Traditional cultural dances, Jungle Safari in the National Parks, Rafting in the white water, Paragliding, Zip-Lining, Bungee Jumping are other attractions of this nation. 

When's the best time to visit Nepal?

As Nepal offers diverse activities to do in, Visitors can land here throughout the year. However, most of the tourists visit here in the spring and fall season. These spells are mostly popular for mountaineering and trekking in the Himalayas. 

Despite the winter and summer are also great times to visit. It these seasons, you can travel/trek peacefully avoiding the crowds. City tours, Safari, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, and sightseeing can be done during the year. 

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions, comparatively fewer people visit Nepal from December to February (winter) and June to August (summer). In the winter, most of the trekking some of the popular trekking trails are blocked due to snow heaps on the way and there is a fear of landslide and flood in the rainy season (mid-June to mid-August). 

Is Nepal a safe Country?

This is the land of Lord Buddha, where peace and enlightenment are kept in the top priorities. The people of Nepal have the principles that visitors should be respected as God. There are not any radical or Terrorist groups throughout the realm. People are living peacefully making unity in diversity. Being hospitable to the guests, keeping their satisfaction is the top priority, Nepal and Nepalese are always winning the heart of the visitors. 

Are there ATM facilities in Nepal?

Yes, In the major cities of Nepal as Kathmandu and Pokhara, International Master Card, Visa Card is accepted easily. International Credit cards are also accepted in the leading hotels, bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. 

Should I be careful regarding Food and Water in Nepal?

The short answer is Yes. Health and hygiene must be a priority. Food should be taken from the authentic restaurants otherwise your stomach may upset. Although food poisoning is less common, you may suffer from stomach aches. Never eat street food that may contain harmful germs which are mostly kept in the open place.  

Concerning water, you should drink purified bottled water which is available most of the places. In case of unavailability, you should boil it properly before drinking.  

What about internet access?

Most of the cities of Nepal are facilitated with 4G services. Besides that, almost all the places are connected with Wi-fi services. Not only the cities but in the remotes as well, you can get internet services via wireless Wi-Fi services. The speed of the internet may not be as faster as your hometown but at least you can be connected with your beloved ones.  

You will find internet access in most of the places. There might be sometime when you will not find internet access due to a technical problem. You have to keep in mind that the internet here is not as fast as your home country.

What are the health requirements to visit Nepal?

Nepal did not require any special vaccination and health-related documents for tourists before the pandemic. After this government has planned to demand a PCR report and Insurance policy while boarding to Nepal. 


Nepal a core destination for visitors. It has been welcoming the people worldwide for several decades. You can spend your vacations visiting this glorious realm amassing lifetime involvements. 

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