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Gokyo Lake Trek Difficulty | Top 10 Influential Factors

  • 19-May-2019
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Even if most of the trekking companies tag various labels of difficulty for Gokyo lake trek, we find it an inappropriate method of categorizing difficulty because this decision predominantly depends upon multiple factors. If you think you can pass through all the hurdles of the trek then, you might find it an easy trek. Otherwise, this trek may look like an impassable labyrinth to somebody. So, for that, go through each of the determinants that determines how challenging this trek is going to be for you in person, actually?

But, before going into details, it is good to know what this trek is about and what you will learn at the end of the day? Gokyo lakes, although sound like a single water body, is a whole lake system at Gokyo. The lakes under this system are the pacific high-altitude water bodies that appear serene in behavior, and turquoise in color because of the tiny glacial matters decomposed underneath the lake. Being fenced by mountains and glacier walls on all sides, this lake is apparently hidden. According to the religious conviction of Hindus, Gokyo lakes are the abode of Snakes, Nags, because of which people also call these lakes ‘Nag-Kundas’, Home of Snakes.

At the end of the trek, you will learn about the culture, history, and lifestyle of Sherpas. Interacting with strangers helps you gain a new perspective. Above all, you will create some of the beautiful memories of your lifetime.

Total distance

In total, you will have to walk 92 km (53 miles). However, to complete this trek, requires over 15 days, including the acclimatization days. If you are used to walking, then this doesn’t sound too much because on average, you will cover 6 km per day, which can easily be done.

If you plan to visit the Everest Base Camp as well, then the total distance will be added and it becomes more challenging.

In conclusion, based on the total distance of the trek, we can say that trekking to Gokyo lakes is easy.

Walking hours per day


There is never a fixed walking hour while on the trek to Gokyo Lake (Everest region), because it solely depends upon the altitude gain per day, which means the more you gain altitude, the lesser time you walk. But it can be around 5-6 hours per day on average.

Walking 5-6 hours is surely not an easy task if you are not used to it. For the beginners, it is recommended to practice walking for longer hours because they might find it a moderately difficult task.

In conclusion, based on the walking hours per day, Beginners will find it moderately difficult, but an experienced trekker doesn’t have to worry about it at all.



One of the influential measures of difficulty on the Gokyo Lakes trek is the steepness because a steep climb demands more physical exertion than a gradual climb. At many points during this trek, you will have to climb steep terrain.

If steepness is the only measure to determine the difficulty of the Gokyo Lake trek, then it scores 4.5 out of 5, which means very challenging.



At relatively lower elevations such as Lukla and Namche, the temperature is moderately warm, but as you climb higher, the winds turn icy and frozen. Plus, in such extreme cold weather, there are greater possibilities of being victimized by frostbite.

Although the temperature is cold, walking will help you warm up so the temperature may not be so threatening. Plus, the down jackets and other cold-blocking clothing will assist in preserving your body’s temperature.

Based on the temperature and its possible threats, the Gokyo Lakes trek is just slightly difficult, or you can call it easy as well.



Along with the name, Everest comes to the word ‘altitude’ because the altitude is what Everest is famous for 8848 m. Likewise, the altitude at which Gokyo Lake is situated is in the range of 4,700m – 5,000 m, which is pretty high. So, there is a greater chance of being attacked by altitude sickness.

However, while on the way to Gokyo, we will acclimatize a few times, to reduce the chances of falling into altitude sickness. Remember, altitude sickness can become severe at over 5,000 m altitude and may even lead to death. So, acclimatize well and drink plenty of water.

Based on the altitude, both Everest and Gokyo Lakes trek are difficult, but still, if you acclimatized properly, then this altitude doesn’t become so challenging.



Like other influences of Gokyo Lake Trek difficulty, the season that you pick for trekking in Gokyo or Everest plays a significant role.

During the Monsoon season, it is pretty wet; so, the trail becomes very much slippery. Plus, there are chances of avalanches and landslides in the high mountainous region. Therefore, walking in the monsoon makes the Gokyo Lakes trek very difficult.

As the summer blends with the monsoon in Nepal, even the summer is not a good choice to go. But, if you go, then the challenges, all along the trail, will overwhelm you.

Winter is a chilly season. So, the temperature might pose a barrier during winter. Therefore, going trekking in Gokyo or Everest during winter is highly undesirable.

The best seasons to go trekking in Gokyo Lakes are Spring and Autumn. During these seasons, the climate is favorable and helps you better cope with the environment.

So, based on the seasons, I would provide a score of 3 out of 5 for the difficulty of trekking in the Gokyo Lakes.



The backpack is not a so big deal because you will have a porter, who will carry around 15 kg load per person. However, if your backpack is very heavy, then you will have to carry the rest of the loads on your own.

Carrying extra load may add more pressure on your knees, making it more difficult to climb. Therefore, the weight of the backpack is an influential factor that determines how challenging your Gokyo Lakes trek going to be.

Fitness level


The fitness level of a trekker greatly determines how difficult is Gokyo Lakes trek going to be? If you are highly fit personnel, then Gokyo or Everest, nothing can challenge you. But, if not then the Gokyo lakes trek might be very difficult to undertake.


Am I so old to attempt the Gokyo lakes trek? or, am I too young for that? These questions are so popular that I had to add this category in the Gokyo Lake trek difficulty. Remember, more than the age, what really matters is the fitness level.

Even if you are running in your 80s, but you still involve yourself in the more physically demanding activities then, the Gokyo lakes trek can be an easy ordeal for you.

Still, age matters. The people of age-group between 15-60 may not have a problem trekking to the Gokyo lakes trek or Everest Base Camp, but above or below age group may find a little bit of a challenge to climb the steep terrains.

Experience of trekking

If you are an experienced trekker, then the Gokyo lake trek is an easy option for you.

But, for beginners, the Gokyo Lake trek still a challenge.

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