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5 things to avoid while trekking in Nepal

  • 12-Sep-2016
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We are human and we all make mistakes. But it is always a wise thing to learn from other’s mistakes rather than realizing after making one.

Similar thing applies while traveling around foreign country. It is common that we do few silly things but it turns out to be a big problem if we make blunder which can turn your trip into disastrous and bad experience.

While trekking into Nepal Himalayas, I have also made blunders, the best thing about my mistakes is that I realized it and hence I am writing about it now so that you do proper planning, and make your trip a worthwhile experience, a memory to cherish.

What are the common silly things to avoid? Here are few of them:

1. Trekking into Himalayas without a Guide:

Trekking in Nepal with a guide is highly recommended! Why? You might have thought that these guys own trekking company and why wouldn’t they recommend such things? Keeping aside a fact that we are local trekking company in Nepal, professional trekking guide takes care of you, makes you feel safe and can only enhance your overall trekking experience.

You can visit the city areas, take a tour around Kathmandu, Pokhara on your own, but while trekking around the foothills of Himalayas, ascending and descending the trials, high altitudes and passes,  you are highly recommended to go with government licensed, experienced and professional trekking guide. Therefore, if you have Nepal travel plans, then you are hiring a guide, right?

2. Not getting Travel Insurance:

Getting insurance is important and is compulsory for most of the trips in Nepal. It makes you feel secure and walk more freely. You don’t have to worry about anything, like if lost baggage or medical helicopter operation. Travel insurance company will cover it. Get the travel insurance according to your destination and altitude level. Therefore, it is recommended to spend few money on travel insurance and get it from your home country before flying to Kathmandu.

3. Overpacking:

Overpacking is the most common mistakes seen. We always want to carry everything with us, while packing most of the time, we think that we need this also and that also. But in reality, we end up in using those things few times or not using at all.

Therefore, only pack the essentials, the things that you know you will use, you can easily hire or buy any gears and equipments in Kathmandu. Once you have done your packing, look for things again that you can unpack.

4. Not allocating a couple of extra days:

It is recommended to allocate a couple of extra days for your Nepal trekking holidays especially if you are on challenging high altitude adventures like Everest base camp trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek etc.

The main reason behind the recommendation of extra days is because of unpredictable weather conditions at Himalayas. And so that you don’t have to miss your international flight because of delayed and cancellation of domestic ones.

5. Depending only on guide books:

Guide books are meant to guide you, but you should not totally depend only on guide books. Therefore, while traveling in the real world, you are requested to believe more on things and people around you. Interact with local people, this will allow yourself to explore more and know more about the things happening right now. Go with your own flow.

And finally, learn from your and others mistakes and  plan your Nepal trekking holidays accordingly. Happy trekking!

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