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Trekking destinations of Nepal as a Dating spots

  • 29-Jan-2016
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Many of us choose our partner and say ‘I agree’ without even knowing the A, B, C, D, and E of the concerned person. (A=Age, B=Beauty (inner beauty), C=Culture, D=Discipline, and E=Education) and we start thinking about our F (Future) together. Simply dating at a park, having a cup of coffee, and watching movies on a corner with popcorn on hand is not enough to know each other better. This is the reason why we see so many marriages fails these days; there are piles of divorce cases on the court, cases of depression, frustration, and even suicide due to failed marriage. All these conditions and cases are avoidable by taking a correct decision at the correct time.

While we are around artificial surroundings like at movie theatre, restaurant or coffee shop, we just see each other’s face, smile and we only talk. But the rest of the life has to be spent doing things like preparing an early meal, looking after kids, managing professional and personal life. And while doing these things together, we express our love and respect towards each other. It works as a glue to bond our marriage together.

So, before making an ultimate commitment, make sure the person you are making that vow with is Mr/Ms right for you. Some people say the best way to do this is to live with your partner, to really get to know them, but the ultimate test is definitely traveled or more accurately a trekking date. Sometimes you learn people’s true colors when they’re removed from their comfort zone. Trekking in a remote area for several days does push people to their absolute limits and they show their “realness.” The Foothills of the Himalayas are the best destinations for trekking with your potential partner. While enjoying the beautiful Himalayan views during your trekking in Nepal you need to calmly observe if your potential partner possess following qualities:


Respectful for Others: One of the most rewarding aspects of trekking in Nepal is cultural exposure. More often than not, this is a perfect opportunity for your partner to show how sensitive he is to those who are unlike him. Watch if the person you are settling down with is capable of being sensitive, compassionate, and accepting of that which he/she does not understand. He/She should know that his/her way isn’t the only way, and should respect different ways of life. If you find your partner to be insensitive to other’s culture and values better you rule this potential situation out immediately.
Crisis management: On long trekking in Nepal in remote regions, a time will definitely come when something goes wrong. Times like this are when you should pay close attention to how your partner copes with the situation. What does your partner do in such situations? Show frustration and complain or try to make the best of the situation? You need a life partner who can deal with bad situations in a cool and composed manner.
Discipline: Is your partner disciplined? It one of the key factors to look out for. Is your partner capable of sticking to the discipline of a trek? Trekking in Nepal requires discipline in schedule, preparation, and routine one needs to have this quality in real life too.
Complaining or considerate: Too much complaining is not good quality. If you see your partner complaining about every next thing like the challenge of Nepal trekking trail, quality of meals, accommodation, shower, sit of the bus then your partner is a sniveler. If he is cool and deals best out of the situation then he is an easy-going and flexible fellow, a good life partner for you. Your partner will definitely love you if he is considerate to others too.
Helpful or Selfish: You would definitely want to spend life with one who is helpful. Trekking in Nepal around the foothills of the Himalayas is similar to living our life around home and work. Check whether your partner involves small things like preparing a tea, carrying a bag, supporting others at rugged trails. If he does these things that aren’t directly beneficial to him then surely cooperative he/she is.
Look out for a social person: Social person refers to someone who can jell with others easily. It is also an important quality to have. All of us like to be left alone at times but mingling with others is part of our social world. Partners who stick with you most of the time during your trekking in Nepal will either be faking it or will be a problem later.
Look out how your partner treats the rest of the world: Your partner will surely be nice to you. But look out if he is really a nice person or just faking it. Trekking in Nepal is the best way to observe how he treats other people, look out how he calls porter crew, how he talks with locals, does he address with polite words or not, does he picks up the fallen bottle or not? A considerate person is hard to find than a loving one.
Choosing the right person is the most important decision that you take in your life and I guess this blog will encourage you to join exciting trekking in Nepal trips and look out for the above-mentioned characteristics in your partner. All the best!

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