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Himalayan Adventures for Foreign Expats at Middle East Countries

  • 09-Jun-2017
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Are you a foreign expatriate in Middle East countries like Doha in Qatar, Dubai (United Arab Emirates/ UAE), Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and neighboring countries? Or are you a local citizen there? Regardless of your nationality; here in this article, we are going to discuss the possible adventurous travel options if you are currently living/working at various organizations/companies in middle eastern countries.

First of all are you interested in Himalayan adventures like trekking, peak climbing, and other breathtaking activities?

If yes, then you must have heard about the highest peak Mt. Everest and Everest base camp trek. Or Annapurna? Did you guess the country I am talking about? Yup, you are right! I am talking about the naturally beautiful country Nepal. Now you may wonder why I would travel to Nepal from Doha, Dubai, Saudi, or any other Middle Eastern countries. What’s special in Nepal?

Nepal is actually a South Asian geographically small land-locked country sandwiched between India and China. Although being small in area, it is the most diversified country comprising the highest Himalayan, green hilly, and fertile Terai region. People from more than 100 ethnic groups live in religious/cultural harmony.  You get an opportunity to embark on the world’s most popular adventure treks around the foothills of the Himalayas, see exceptionally beautiful landscapes at hills and jungle activities at Terai.

Now, what makes Nepal the most promising adventurous destination for ex-pats and locals in the Middle East?

Trekking and peak climbing opportunity

Your Himalayan adventures dream comes true in Nepal. Choose from various trekking and peak climbing trips that suit your interest, time, and fitness.  Trekking in Nepal is also a great way to stay fit and acquire all the benefits of hiking across the trails. All in all, it gives you a happier and healthier life ahead. With every day visiting new places, meeting new people, and learning new things, these walk-on Himalayan trails can be said as a perfect combination of the social and natural journey. With quality lodges from basic to standard services at popular trekking trails, there won’t be any issue in lodging and fooding. In fact, the meals are yummier at locally-owned lodges.

Direct flight connection with most Middle East countries

There are at least four flights of 4 hours 40 minutes from Doha, Qatar to Kathmandu, Nepal every day. Qatar Airways, Nepal Airlines, and Himalaya Airlines are the major air carriers.

Similarly from all airports at the Dubai-United Arab Emirates to Kathmandu, there are at least four flights from different carriers like flydubai, Nepal airlines, Himalaya Airlines, Etihad along with longer connecting flights from Oman Air, Air India, and Qatar Airways.

Likewise, Turkish Airways from Istanbul and Oman Air from Oman connect direct flights to Kathmandu.

Whereas from Riyadh Saudi Arabia shortest time to land in Kathmandu is 7 hours via connection flight from Qatar Airways in Qatar. In the same way, other countries like Bahrain, Jordan, etc have at least one stop.

So, arriving in Kathmandu is possible from almost all Middle East countries within 7 to 8 hours that makes quick entry to start your trip in Nepal.

Exclusive tailor-made quick (4-5 days) trips can be organized

Short and easy trips would be suitable for all those travelers with limited holiday time of just 4 to 5 days. Usually during paid public religious holidays like Eid Al Fitr (four working days); Eid Al Adha (five working days) would fit in this category when you can have the best of memories in the least of time. Whereas in a couple of weeks from 14 to 16 days, many popular trekking activities in Nepal can be done at Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and other regions. Therefore, regardless of time, exclusive shorter or longer Himalayan adventures can be organized in Nepal for people flying from Middle East Countries.

Economic to luxurious trips

Traveling Nepal for Himalayan adventures like trekking and peak climbing is way cheaper than tours at developed nations around America, Europe, and others. In this low price comparatively, you get so much more activities to get involved in.

The low price here doesn’t mean low in quality and services from any point. Luxury here however offers to stay at 5-star hotels at Kathmandu, Pokhara, and other city areas with personalized catering services at trekking routes. This entire budget or luxury trip depends upon your interest, budget, and preference.   

Socio-economic contribution opportunity

It is a fact that more than 60% of Nepal's population consists of the young generation between 20-40 years. And millions of Nepalese youth are working in Middle East countries for employment opportunities. Most of them are related to lower post jobs as a construction workers and as security guards; therefore it won’t be wrong if we say that they have a huge contribution to the superlative development of the Middle East.

So, you, as a traveler visiting Nepal make a positive impact on the local economy, create employment opportunities at the local level and it is also your chance to contribute to the socio-economic sector.

Safe travel destination for all

Nepal is a safe travel destination for all travel lovers around the world and the same goes for local citizens and ex-pats in Middle Eastern countries. There is a national holiday on all major religious days from Eid to Christmas and during many other festivals. Unification in cultural diversity with a feeling of friendliness and warm hospitability for foreigners has been the highlights of visiting Nepal. It is believed and often visitors are respected as a god here in Nepal.

All these things make Nepal the most promising travel destination for ex-pats and locals in the Middle East region. Do you live/work in Middle Eastern countries? Have you ever visited Nepal? Or are you planning to? Let us know your point of view.

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