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Vegetarian’s Guide to Nepal

Vegetarian’s Guide to Nepal
  • 16-Dec-2019
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Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan food is available in specific restaurants in Kathmandu and other major cities of Nepal. So, being a vegetarian, there will not be any problem with feeding yourself.

Still, non-vegetarian items such as meat are considered as an indulgence in some areas of the nation. You have the option of plenty of vegetarian items for food here.

This article may guide you by providing some facts for Vegans to Nepal.

A.   What to eat?

Yes, many veg restaurants serve only veg items, not including a single non-veg item. Even those restaurants which serve non-veg items also have vegetarian alternatives.  

You can get veg items such Momo, Nepalese Khana Set (rice, lentils, vegetables, pickle), Thukpa, Paneer, Mushrooms exclusively. 

You will have the option to take bread items such as Puri Tarkari, Roti Tarkari, and several items made up of potatoes as well.

 Another popular food is Dhido which is similar to polenta. Takin it with some vegetables becomes much nourishing as well as fiber-rich.

Likewise, you can taste Khichadi and Jaulo which are made up of mixing rice and lentil along with Ghee.

 Moreover, there are several other Nepalese veg food and soup items such as Chyura (beaten rice), Satu, Gundruk, Nepalese tea (Chiya), and so forth.

B.    Places to eat vegetarian dishes

In popular tourist destinations such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini, several Vegetarian restaurants serve vegetarian food especially.
In Kathmandu, OR2K, New Satkar Vegetarian Restaurant, Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant, Places Restaurant and Bar, Loving Heart, and Aniyor Vegetarian Restaurant are some of the vegetarian restaurants.
In Pokhara, The Juicery Cafe, Aniyor Vegetarian, Little Windows, OR2K, and Pourquoi Pas are some of the restaurants that provide veg dishes.
 Chitwan, Friends Café, Greasy Spoon Restaurant, Kc's Restaurant and Bar, Taxi’s Restaurant, Jalapeno Restaurant, and Pancake House Sauraha are some veg restaurants.

Moreover, while trekking in the Himalayas, most of the restaurants, lodges, and teahouses offer varieties of veg dishes. Because while hiking in the Himalayas, veg dishes are highly recommended.

C.   Some Nepali words and phrases that may help you while traveling vegan in Nepal

Greeting (works for every time) Namaste
Rice, lentils, vegetables Daal Bhat Tarkari
Meat Masu
Vegan Sahakari
I don’t eat meat Ma menu Khadaina
Fish Machha
Butter Nauni
Egg Anda
Ghee Ghiu
Milk Dudh
Curd (Yogurt) Dahi
Cream Tar
The meal is delicious Khana Mitho chha
Thank you Dhanyawad


As lakhamari and rasabari are famous sweets found in Nepal, are manufactured from dairy. Please be sure before eating them. Juju Dhau (King Curd) is much famous in the Bhaktapur district and Kathmandu as well is purely made from dairy. Having curd is beneficial after taking spicy food such as pickle.

Nepal is an agricultural country. Most of the villagers keep cows and buffalos and make ghee from the milk them. Be clear before eating something whether it is made from ghee or oil.

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