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Janaki Mandir: One of Nepal’s crown jewel with religious and cultural significance!!!

  • 03-Nov-2018
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Located in the time-honored city of Janakpur, Janaki Mandir also known as Ram Janaki Temple is the epitome of ancient craftsmanship. Hailed as an architectural marvel, this Hindu temple is the paramount tourist destination of the city. With the total area covering 4,860 sq. feet, the three-storied temple rises 50m high above the ground and accommodates 60 rooms, which are all adorned with colored glass, elegant paintings, and spectacular engravings, alongside sublime lattice windows, arches, domes, and turrets; all dating back to 11th and 12th Century AD. The entire structure flaunts a classic blend of classical and neo-classical design, primarily the lavish baroque Mughal style with stone and marble as its chief building material.

Based on the Vedic literature, it is believed that Janakpur is the birthplace of Goddess Sita, consort of Lord Rama, and a key character in Ramayana that is estimated to be 7th- to 3rd centuries BCE. According to Ramayana, Janakpur was the realm of mighty King Janak, who discovered the infant Sita aka Janaki in the groove of plowed farmland. Later, Sita was later married to Lord Rama of Ayodhya. The current temple devoted to Goddess Sita stands on the exact place where a golden statue of the very deity was found in 1657 AD. The holy spot is also believed to be the place where this Hindu deity once lived during her time on Earth. In 1910 A.D., Vrisha Bhanu Devi, Queen of the Indian state of Tikamgarhm ordered the construction of the temple that we see today that was completed at the total cost of Rupees Nine Lakhs or Nine Hundred Thousand. This is the reason why the temple is well-renowned as the ‘Naulakha Mandir’, translated into the temple build from Nine Lakh rupees.

The reference of the Janakpur City in the holy Hindu scripture is credited to attract thousands of pilgrims and travellers every year to this sacred Hindu Temple from the corners of the world, especially from Nepal and India during November and December for Vivah Panchami. It is the city’s annual festival in which the marriage of Sita and Rama is celebrated with numerous sacred rites and rituals. The temple is frequently visited by women, decorated in their best vivid saris for this particular occasion. In addition, a large number of pilgrims pay their visit to the temple in order to worship the sculpture of Sita statue placed in the inner sanctum. You can experience the euphoric as well as the spiritual atmosphere around the temple’s premises. At the end of the day, you can gaze at the divine temple enveloped with radiant lights and hordes of Hindu worshippers!! Furthermore, you can also explore a small museum positioned at the back of the temple complex paying small entry fees of Rs. 15!! Here, you can witness the various objects narrating the tales of Sita and Rama!!

Visit Nepal and get acquainted with its diverse cultural and natural appeal. Without any doubt, you’ll never cease to amaze during every minute of your travel venture of this Himalayan nation!!

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