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Annapurna Base Camp trek Training

  • 16-Jan-2020
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One of the most demanding treks, ABC is quite popular trek of Annapurna section of Nepal. This trek offers the lifetime experience offering astonishing views of the show-white peaks, terrains, terraced fields and landscapes.  The journey passes lush rhododendron hills, lavish greeneries following the rocky trials.

Annapurna Base Camp altitudes 4,110m above the sea level.  It takes 15 days to complete this trip. As you are hiking in the lap of the Himalayas, you need to be well prepared because you may face breathing problems and may need more physical fitness as you ascend higher.

For this long trek you should be well known about the activities that going to occur throughout the journey. It may offer a lifetime memorable.  But at the same time, it can be exhausting, painful and challenging as well unless you are physically as well as mentally prepared.

This article may guide you regarding the training while doing Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Altitude Training

The level of the Oxygen decreases in the higher elevation. If your body can not be adjusted in the higher altitudes, may encounter uncomfortable circumstances. Then, you will have some symptoms as nausea, giddy, dizzy, headache, shortness of breath. This situation is called Altitude Sickness.  

To avoid such circumstances, you can do some day hikes around your hometown carrying a backpack.  You can practice by climbing the stairs of your home as well. Better to carrying something while climbing it.  

Some days are scheduled as an acclimatization day in your package. If the symptoms appear, should descend immediately. Otherwise the condition may get worse.

Strength Training

As accomplishing Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you will pass on varied terrain carrying your backpack. For this Your legs, calves, hips, hamstrings, and quads are equally involved. Thus, it’s correspondingly significant to advance strength in your upper back, hips and shoulders.

Several activities include in Strength training as body weight exercises, short hikes, training with free weights, gym machines which help you to physique commanding strength for your body and legs.

Training Cardiovascular (Aerobic)

As you hike in the high altitude, the level of the oxygen gets thinner and thinner. In this condition, your heart should work hard to make your body functioning properly.

So, to avoid such circumstance, you should have done Cardiovascular training including swimming, running, cycling or similar activities that grows your heart and lungs pumping. Such trainings or workouts use oxygen to fulfill the mandate of the body. Hiking to the hills and joining the gym also help doing such training.

Mental preparation

Keeping the physical preparation in your mind, be prepared MENTALLY as well because trekking is a recreational, funny, rewarding activity but sometimes you will be fatigued as well.  You should be courageous sometimes while encountering bad weather, walking via rocky trial, move with broken gear and so forth.

In such circumstances, your mind should be strong saying ‘go on’ you will achieve something at the end of the day. Giving up the journey doesn’t give you the real flavor of the journey.

Therefore, be both physical and mentally prepared before starting the journey.

Some Additional Tips for ABC Trek Training

  • Walk High, Sleep Low to avoid the altitude problems
  • Stay Hydrate that reduces the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness
  • Avoid drinking coffee, and alcoholic items
  • Carry warm clothes as the weather condition of the Himalayas is unpredictable.
  • Trekking is not a race so walk your own pace. Don’t compete with others.
  • Acclimatize properly.

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