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Happy Dashain wishes

  • 06-Oct-2016
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Dashain is the major national festival of Nepal celebrated wholeheartedly all over the nation by all citizens of Nepal. It is the chance for every one of us to explore and see the diversification of caste and ethnic groups uniting together. And regardless of your belongingness from any community, it is an opportunity to get insights into this national festival with Nepali.

It is believed that the Dashain festival is celebrated for victory over evil. The mythological story tells that demon Mahisasur was killed by goddess Durga and hence the celebration started. The festival is celebrated for 15 days and during the first nine days, nine Swaroop(avatar) of goddess Durga is worshipped. We can see a large queue of pilgrims at major Durga temples. And along with Nepal, Dashain is also a popular festival in India commonly known as Navaratri or Dusshera.

The 10th day of Dasain is called Vijay Dashmi. During this day, the ‘jamara’(it is planted during ghatasthapana, the first day of Dashain), red tika and blessings are received from our elders along with ‘Dakshina (new currency notes). Relatives and family members get together, play cards, and prepare delicious meals celebrating the festival sharing happiness all over. From kites to swings and shopping, everything happens in Dashain. Especially non-veg items are prepared like mutton, chicken, pork, etc and this continues for the next four days until Kojagrat Purnima. And finally, the festival ends with bringing a smile to every face.

Dashain mostly falls in the autumn season. This time is also the peak tourism season in Nepal when the weather also supports travel nomads with warm days and cool nights. It will be neither too hot nor too cold with crystal clear views of the snow-capped Himalayas. If you love to explore this beautiful country Nepal and know more about culture, traditions and festivals, plan your holidays during Dashain and Tihar that makes your trip even more worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Finally, let’s pray that this Dashain festival this year comes along with happiness, good health, peace and prosperity to all our team, partners, valued clients, travel lovers and all of our readers.  Happy Dashain from Icicle Adventure, the festive season is finally on! Cheers!

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