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Trekking in Nepal: You Learn Best By Just Doing It

  • 05-Oct-2016
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Are you dreaming of your next adventurous holidays around the Himalayas, and thinking hard to make it perfect? Well, what we recommend is don’t think too much, simply join the adventure in real life and make your dream come true. Trekking around Nepal Himalayas is best done in reality rather than in the virtual world or your imagination. I can understand that you love to travel, go for a hike, experience an adventure with your loved ones and be happier in life more than ever, but I forewarn you that until and unless you break the ice, go with the flow that brings the best in you, will be the best for you.

Trekking is not always perfect. Good things happen for sure, but along bad things might happen too. That may be on the route, hotel, or car. While I travel, I have a knee sprain, I have sore legs, I have experienced heartbreaks and canceled flights. But do you know what the worst thing was? It was the feeling and just gazing about what I have been doing in my life all these years? Why I am living a robotic life? How did I let this happen to me? Why didn’t I take the right step?

The answer to all those questions is that: you can’t change the past but always prepare for a better future. Take advice from local travel experts, references, and testimonials. But the best way to learn is by simply doing it. Get ready to face the challenges, learn to tackle the obstacles, and also keep in mind that despite all planning and preps, things can go wrong and it’s absolutely ok. It’s actually better than not embarking on an adventure in the first place. There is absolutely no need to worry about how it goes and what is going to happen next. You just need to prepare well and accept what comes.

Traveling and trekking is fun with a little bit of pain, just like a beautiful rainbow after a little bit of rain. You need to take a good lesson from bad experiences and focus more on the good time you have. Just imagine, sitting in front of the great Himalayas, and opening your all senses to the world. Forget the past and future, just be in the present. And ask yourself a question, “Is it worth it?” Then answers start to overflow in your mind in clarity with courage and wisdom. Shout out loud that you made. Well, if you are with your partner, shout “I love you” and enjoying the echo enjoy life.

Therefore, don’t run away from obstacles either while traveling or in life, face them with confidence and overcome any obstacle. Make the most out of your life by hopping into more treks, hikes, and adventures. Create memories that last with you forever. So, if you want to learn a new thing, visit a new place, you will learn best by just doing it!

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