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7 Things to Expect While Visiting Nepal

Posted On : February 6, 2017

kathmandu crowds

Nepal is popular hotspot for adventure lovers, trekkers and travelers. Most of the travelers say that ‘visit Nepal during the best seasons of autumn and spring’ while others prefer to avoid crowd on the popular trails by joining in on off seasons. Regardless any time of the year, Nepal hosts amazing variety of treks with cultural and topographical diversity that you can see so much more in so less time and money. Though Nepalese have been finding their way around to attract many travelers, due to various reasons numbers aren’t so appealing. However, there has been positive signal and number of travelers is close to one million per year. If Nepali adventure is on your 2017 bucketlist, here are few things that you can expect.

  1. Value for money trips

Expect your money is invested for a better thing. You will get more value for your money as a worthwhile experience trekking around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas. Therefore its better called as investing rather than spending while visiting this beautiful country of Nepal.

  1. Go on meter while taking on taxi

White small car with black number plate is a Taxi in Nepal, mostly Suzuki Alto, Hyundai eon and few others to be specific. Well, you need to insist going on meter while taking on taxi in Nepal. But unfortunately most of the taxi drivers refuse to go on meter and ask for fixed rate to the destination. Therefore, you are recommended to bargain for taxi fares while going from one point to another. Reduce the rates by atleast 25% of what the driver asks for.

  1. Internet is easier to get than you think

One of the thing that has developed rapidly in Nepal is telecommunications and internet is part of it. You will notice free wifi options available at most of the hotels and restaurants when you use their services. And nominal charges at along the trekking routes. Don’t expect super fast speed, however, with 4G service recently launched in Nepal, internet is getting faster than before.

  1. Get a local sim card for your cell phone

Get yourself a local sim card from Ncell or Ntc service provider at their stalls in Kathmandu airport. Having a local sim will give you an access to cheap calls within local numbers, and most of all internet access to your tab or cell phone. However your phone should be international carrier unlocked before using those sim cards.

  1. No powercut or loadshedding these days

Till last year powercut or commonly called as loadshedding was massive headache for not only locals but also for foreigners. People used to stay in dark for as more as 18 hours per day. But the things has changed for good now. Due to proper management of government authorities, there has not been a single minute of powercut this year even in dry season. Therefore, don’t expect power cuts this time you visit Nepal in 2017.

  1. You will meet amazing local people

Among the other places you have visited you will find Nepalese most kindest and friendliest people. Despite financial hardships, Nepalese love to welcome foreigners despite religion, race and other differentiation. Expect diversity in local Nepalese culture and traditions along with their friendliness.

  1. Diversity in food

Food is very good in Nepal. Taste varieties of meals, dishes while visiting Nepal and enjoy the diversity in food. From national food dal, bhat tarkari to momo and chowmein, expect excellent delicacies and get your taste buds ready if you are planning to visit Nepal.