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Backpacking Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Posted On : September 1, 2016

Backpacking for EBC trek

Are you all set for joining into Everest Base Camp Trek this autumn, get that adventurous feeling of walking across the foothills of Himalayas but stuck on backpacking? Then these backpacking tips for Everest trek would be surely helpful. The common mistake most of us do is either pack everything that comes in our mind making it tough to carry and walk around or we forget the essential items which we realize after it’s too late. Therefore you need to pack light and pack right in order to make your trip a good one.

If you are trekking with group organized by government registered trekking company in Nepal, then there must not be so much of burden for you as there will be porter team (one porter for two trekkers) who will carry their duffel bags. However, if your trek comprises domestic flight, then accepted weight limit must be known before hand. For example, you are supposed to bring along only 15 kilogram of baggage while flying from Kathmandu-Lukla route in Everest region plus 1 kg at hand carry. Excess stuffs you need to left at hotel in Kathmandu.

Therefore, 55-65 liters backpack would be enough to carry approx 15 kilogram of weight. And another important thing is that weight must be properly distributed. For example, you are recommended to bring your own sleeping bag, air mattress tied above backpack, layers of clothes, socks and energy bars along other stuffs packed uniformly in the luggage. If you love reading then complete your novel carrying only one book packed at bottom. You can pack water purification tablets, other medications, water proof coats and gaiters in middle while passport, maps, money, permits and other documents are recommended to insert just below the top layer towel or something so that you can have easy access to it. Also don’t forget the suns cream, hat, and UV protection sunglasses that you must pack for Nepal treks.

If photography comes in your priority then only carry the tripod, or else it is not an essential if you are clicking pics with your i phone (or any other phone with nice camera :p). Don’t forget to pack at least two high mah power bank to recharge your phone or Gopro. Carry selfie stick if you are making a video as you go. Bring extra batteries for your DSLR if you have, because you may have to pay certain charge for recharging your electronics.  If you are carrying DSLR then you can tie your camera bag at your hip or swing in your neck so that it lies on sideways.

Finally, some tips on carrying the backpack, you need tighten your backpack above hip inorder to avoid sluggish walk that push you backwards. If you need some rest for your shoulder, then loose the strap but not much so that your waist carries equal amount of weight. Therefore, after packing your backpack, now are ready to go for great EBC adventure in Nepal. Contact us for more information. We love to hear from you.

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