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Gai Jatra Festival in Nepal

Posted On : August 30, 2015“Gai Jatra” festival in Nepal is derived from two words “Gai” which means Cow and “Jatra which means festival. Therefore Gai jatra is a cow festival in Nepal that usually falls during the months of August and September. Gai Jatra is celebrated on August 30, 2015 this year.

Nevertheless Gai Jatra festival in Nepal is not just about cow. There is an interesting story behind celebrating this festival which was initiated by Pratap Malla in medivial period centuries ago. He lost his youngest son and his queen was in great misery. King just couldn’t make his wife happy and announced whoever can make queen laugh will be rewarded. Also King asked to bring the cow procession with funny dressups from all the citizens who’s family member had died within a year so that queen could realize death is also a part of life. Since then, it is believed that Gai Jatra is celebrated and still during this day the same rituals are being carried out in traditional way at Kathmandu city.

Therefore Gai Jatra festival in Nepal helps people to realize reality of death and heals the sorrow. Various funny programs and acts are being organized during this day and it is a great way to get insights into local festival for outsiders while visiting Nepal.

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