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How To Eat Healthy While Trekking

Posted On : September 16, 2016

Fooding at Everest base camp

We all know that eating healthy is important. And when it comes to traveling, specially trekking, we sometimes tend to compromise our healthy eating habits which at the end of day can cause illness that will make the whole trip bad experience.

It seems like whenever we think of a trekker trekking around the foothills of Himalayas, the guy with camera, backpack and trekking stick comes in our mind. In the similar way, when we think of eating healthy, we envision Dal Bhat and Tarkari (Rice, lentil and veggies) only.

Well, you will get this national menu everywhere around Nepal, which is also the healthy diet, but there are plenty other healthy foods on offer that differs according to geographical location, local tradition and cultures.

However, wherever you trek in Nepal, you are advised to eat healthy food items and don’t feel ill, heavy or miserable during the holidays.

Therefore, to be healthy on the trek, eating healthy is very much important and here are some the best tips for having good food while trekking:

Eating safe and healthy meal on a trek:

  • Pack the right food in right quantity:

While you are on the Nepal trekking holidays, specially tea house style trekking then you are requested to pack only dried foods like cashew nuts, raisin and chocolate bars.etc. And don’t bring something fishy, meaty or that need to be fridged. Grab a couple of can fish or canned items if you like.


  • Stay and eat at clean teahouse/shops:

Find out when the local tea house and markets are and have fresh, local, organic produce! This will allow you to always have access to the highest quality meal at best rates.


  • Make food stops on the way:

Either you smell a good food or see something attractive, try that! Locate the tea houses along your route that suit your eating habits. Try apple produce, wine at Marpha, near Kagbeni. Try cheese products and bakery at Langtang region while there are plenty of other eating options available while trekking in Nepal.