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Explore Nepalese Cultural Diversity on Walking Trips | It’s More Than a Gift

Posted On : January 29, 2017

We feel privileged to organize various walking, hiking trips around foothills of Nepal Himalayas. And our trip experts specialize in this field with more than a decade. In this sense, we have got wonderful opportunity to learn different experiences on cultural, ethnic and traditional dynamics that exists in Nepalese society. In any our trips, we learned that it is important to explore, learn and have respect towards local community. Then it helps in exchanging and understanding each other which bridges the differential gap between us and local people. Being a trip planner and organizer, the diversity that we have discovered at local trails is truly a gift making each of our journey even more enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

Nature, culture and adventure seekers love Nepal because it gives exceptional experiences in this small country sandwiched between two Asian giants India and China. Nowadays, with more connecting and direct international flights to Kathmandu, getting here has been easier and less expensive than before. Let’s celebrate and discuss why the diversified trekking trails at Nepal are a true gift for travelers of any kind regardless their age, fitness, time and interest.

Diversity adds an excitement in a trip

We have different viewpoints on diversification but all those views leads to one solid point that is we all love to be in an exciting journey. Basically, it means that we want our next trip to be something different from our former holiday. Visiting Nepal is mostly full of culture, nature and adventure. You see diversity in people, their culture, their food and lifestyle. Also you walk around the diversified topography while embarking on various trekking and hiking trips. So, to not make your upcoming trip kind of boring experience, we recommend you to visit Nepal.   

Exploring diversity helps us know who we really are

Who are you? Basically it gives you the most authentic answer to this question. Sometimes do you feel that it is something right is not happening to you in your life? You must have, actually, we all do. It’s okay to feel not right sometimes because it might be a hint of something better is happening to us. And what can be something better than going on beautiful culturally rich country Nepal? You will meet new people from totally different background, on the group departures; you will come closer with like minded people. Walking, camping, eating on a large dining hall, capturing amazing adventurous moments, it will tune your life to positivity and self acknowledgement.

One of the best things of diversity would be having array of dishes rich in texture and flavor

We have organized numerous hiking, peak climbing adventures at Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and other regions where food put infront of us at dining table was the highlight of the trip. From chicken stew to roasted potatoes, mouth watering momos to mouth watering cheese and other locally grown organic dishes and drinks. Food also helps two different people start conversation. “What is this dish?” “It is Syabhale, you can say a giant momo, a popular Tibetan dish.”  “Its great, you’re from Tibet?” “Our ancestors traveled from Tibet, we are born here and would love to be called as Nepali”. It was just a hypothetical example.

Diversified hiking journey helps you know a things, news and inside story beyond media channels

If you embark in for diversified walking journey, you’ll not only meet new people from completely different backgrounds, you will also know their inside story. You would never know how Sanu Maya Tamang, a local tea house owner at Langtang trail has been living there after earthquake. How this has changed her life. Talking to locals is also a great way to gain knowledge about local news, development and you don’t even have to spend money specifically to know these things. You can also share your life story, what you have been doing recently, why you are here trekking, so on. Basically, you will feel happy at the end and more informative than switching on any new channel sitting lousily on your couch.

Diversity on route helps bonding and lead to be bff

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The greatest power in this planet is the power of love and friendship. Basically, a bonding that happens after getting close to someone for some time. We have seen several partnerships, friendships developed along the way. Therefore diversity is the thing that attracts people from different part of the world to one place and walk along the same path. Now whenever we organize a trek, peak climbing or other tours, adventures, we discover new things, people that has finally lead us to one conclusion that is:

Diversity is a true gift. It’s a thing to explore and make the best out of it.

What do you say? Is there something that you want to add? Leave your comments below.