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We Must Practice Sustainable Tourism While Trekking in Nepal

Posted On : March 23, 2015

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Treks and walking trips in Nepal defines the real meaning of adventure, Himalayan sceneries, and spectacular landscapes along insightful cultural and traditional highlights. It is 100% true and resembles your part of the story, but have you ever thought from another perspective? I mean that perspective from the local point of view. And realizing how trekking in Nepal positively affects the lives of local inhabitants is essential which is the main concept of sustainable tourism.

Trekking alongside practicing sustainable tourism not only makes your trip fun filled one but you are helping the local community grow directly. For example if you are on Everest Base Camp Trek with legally registered trekking company, then along with the company, local porters, local trekking guides will get the chance to grow economically, in the similar manner if you buy a local products then they will be motivated to increase their output. Therefore, from a cab driver, restaurant and hotel in Kathmandu to porters, tea-houses and lodges in trekking trails; every service you make use of, you are playing a major role in bringing positive changes of local people. You, yes you are bringing the smile in their faces and motivating them to offer even better services in future.

On the environmental aspect of sustainable tourism, there is a popular saying that says take only pictures and leave only foot prints. With slight modification I would like to say take pictures with positive act, and leave foot prints with positive impact. It adds lots of positivity not only in the statement but also around the surroundings and environment of the host site. In simple words I am just saying that don’t litter here and there, if there is no toilet then dig a hole and cover your poop, acknowledge the similarities and respect the differences in culture and last but not the least book your trip with government registered trekking company who are sincere about sustainable tourism.

In this way, you can make this world a better place to live and better than best to travel. And this is why I say, we must practice sustainable tourism while embarking for Nepal treks and tours. 

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